Astromechs Robotics

The Astromechs are a community-based set of competitive robotics teams made possibly by

Kansas City Robotics Foundation.  

We have one FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team (team #25094) and two FIRST Tech Challenge teams (team #3409 and #5227).  The Astromechs teams accept public-schooled, private-schooled, and home-schooled students, usually by referral, for a limited number of spots on each team (membership numbers are limited by the rules of our competitive leagues).


Astromechs FTC #3409

Astromechs FTC #3409 is our more tenured team. In 2017-18 Season, we were the Missouri Inspire Award Winner and the Winner of the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award at World Championships in Houston, TX. This is our organization's eleventh year in FTC. Wanna know more?


Astromechs FLL

The Astromechs have been participating in FLL off and on since 2005. Check out our page to see the current team and some of our fun memories.


Galactech FTC #5227

FTC Team 5227 is traditionally our "rookie" team. This year we have 6 ladies and one gentleman, all new to FTC but with varying levels of FIRST LEGO League experience.