Season Epics

In Agile Development, an Epic is a long-term goal. Our Epics change from season to season, and usually reflect our goals and motivations as a team. When we meet together to practice, we are always working towards achieving our Epic goals.

  1. Strategic, innovatie, competitive, impressive, and aesthetic robot
  2. Weld robot and CAD robot
  3. Document what we do
  4. Build documentable relationships
    1. Everyone organizes one community outreach
    2. Mentor 3 FIRST teams
    3. Sustain business relationships
    4. Team bonding event 1 time each month
  5. Have a budget and don't exceed it
  6. Vaporwave in space
  7. Everyone has something to show at end of year
  8. Agile all year
  9. Create a 5-year plan
  10. Complete voice-command Mycroft robot
  11. Hand out collectibles at each competition
  12. Follow team core values