Community Outreach  2016-17

Community Outreach is one of the central focuses of our team in the 2016-17 season.  Our team Outreach focuses on reaching out to kids and getting kids interested in robotics, engineering, STEM, and especially FIRST.  Getting to share our robot with kids gets them excited about science and technology, preparing them to become the next generation of engineers and FIRST competitors. We also share a space and practice time with the FLL team 25094 Astromechs, and mentor and work with them to get them interested in STEM, and hopefully to train them up to become future FTC Astromechs.


Astromechs FLL Team 2016-17

Throughout the FLL Astromechs' season, we've mentored them in building their robot and its attachments, in programming their robot to achieve missions, and in making a presentation for their project. In addition, we taught them how to use a little bit of Java code to transform one of our FTC-sized demo bots into the perfect tool to present their project this year. We've shared a space and practice time with them as well.

Kansas City Maker Faire 2016

We attended the Maker Faire in Kansas City, Missouri, at Union Station. We set up a field and four robots and let kids (and adults!) drive the robots around on the field. While the kids were driving, we told their parents about FIRST and how to get involved. We set up a maze for the kids to run the robot through, and had two ramps on the field they could drive up. Also, when our 2015-16 competition bots were available and not being run by kids, we demoed our Res-Q run and hung the robot from the hang-up bar from that season's competition.

Girl Scout Day Camp 2016

In June members of the team went to teach at a Girl Scout day camp for a STEM portion of the program. We taught girls from kindergarten to sixth grade how to build simple "brushbugs" out of a toothbrush, battery, and motor, and how to use Edison bots which are programmed with bar codes. The girls got to take their brushbugs home and had a great time learning about electricity and engineering.


Members of the team went to a program for kids at a YMCA in Parkville and taught community kids how to build brushbugs, and let them play with Edison bots and Cubelets. The kids got to take their brushbugs home and learned about electricity and engineering while they played. 

Origins Montessori Academy

Members of the team went to Origins Montessori Academy in Parkville during their school hours, and taught the 13 students about how robots, engineering, and programming work, let them run two separate robots through a maze, and gave them pamphlets with detailed information about FIRST and how to get involved, for them to take home to their parents.