Community Outreach 2014-15

Community Outreach is one of the central focuses of our team. We work to interact with the community and share out robotics with many of the younger members of the community, particularly by reaching out directly to the elementary and middle schools in the area. Getting to share our robot provides community benefits because it gets their children excited about engineering and technology, preparing them to become the next generation of FIRST participants for their school or organization.

Presenting to Kids at the Mid-Continent Public Library

June 17th, and July 15th

The Woodneath branch of the Mid-Continent Public Library did an event for kids where for a whole week a bunch of engineers and scientists came and presented. They had two separate groups, one in June, and one in July. We presented at both. We started off by talking a little bit about who we were and what our team did, as well as running our robot. Then we got to what we called the “Robot Driver’s License Test.” We made two little ranger bots for the kids to drive around on the field, and then after they passed we printed out and laminated a custom license for everybody. After that, as a little bonus thing we created an obstacle course out of blocks, and the kids had to maneuver around them. If they hit the blocks, they got a penalty. The person with the least amount of penalties got a prize, a Jingly Crown. Overall, it was very fun and the kids enjoyed driving the robots.

Maker Faire

June 28th and 29th

We presented at the Maker Faire in Kansas City, Missouri, at Union Station. We demoed to the attendees every half-hour or so, running our robot on the Block Party field, then taking a brief Q&A after every run. Also, in our own area we had a field set up, where kids could come by and drive ranger bots.

Presenting to Newcomers at the Season Kick-Off

September 06th

The MCC Business & Tech Center had a Kick-Off party for the new season. Before we learned this year’s challenge, we did some presentations to new teams member and coaches. The presentations were essentially what parts to use, what we’ve learned, how to wire, sort of a “do this, not that.” After they announced the season, the teams spent a couple hours just hanging out, helping people build basic bases and answering questions.

State Fair

August 10th

We attended the State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri, on August 10th, along with a  few other FTC teams. We hosted a mini-competition with them, where we ran and demoed to people every 10 minutes. We even got a fancy plaque at the end shaped like Missouri (right). Overall, we demoed to maybe 400 people from all over Missouri.

FTC Open Field Event

December 13th

We went to the MCC Business & Tech Center in December to attend the FTC Open Field Event. We spent the day talking with the other teams there about the game and how they went about the challenge. There was also a field set up, so we got to do a few runs with some teams.

Union Chapel

December 17th

We went to the Union Chapel Elementary Engineering Club’s weekly meeting to present to them about how engineering can be applied outside of in-school activities, and how it can used in sport to face specific challenges. We brought in our autonomous test bed and some Cubelets used to teach programming logic, and did activities with them, including navigating a field with the robot and using the programmable Cubelets to perform specific functions. There were 17 fifth grade students present.

Upcoming Community Outreach

  • March 17th and April 01st at the Mid-Continent Public Library Robotics Program (Parkville)
  • 2015 FTC Expo at the MCC Business & Tech Center