What is PowerScore?

Put simply, PowerScore is a statistical analysis run against the qualification match scores from FTC tournaments.  The goal of the PowerScore analysis to find the teams who have been more effective at playing offense in the FTC game.  As opposed to the team ranking used by FIRST, PowerScores are only interested in finding those teams who have been particularly effective at scoring in the FTC Game, regardless of wins/losses.

PowerScore is designed to be used live during qualification rounds at a tournament as well as a tool for post tournament analysis of team performance.  It's suitable for use at all tournament types - meets, qualifiers, super-regionals, and even the world championship.

The design of the PowerScore calculation lends itself well to use during live tournaments, especially during early rounds when data is severely limited.  It's similar to the Offensive Power Rating used commonly in FRC and somewhat in FTC.  One advantage of PowerScore is that it can be used in early rounds, and can benefit from pre-tournament scouting.

Can Other Teams Use PowerScore?

Absolutely!  Follow the links below to google sheets that we've made public to allow other teams to use PowerScore for analyzing tournaments.  You're more than welcome to copy and use the spreadsheets as is, or to make modifications to fit your needs. All we ask is that you please respect our request to cite our original work as part of anything you produce.


Latest Release (v2)

Our latest public release of the PowerScore spreadsheet is version 2.  This spreadsheet is suitable for use during or after a tournament for score analysis.  See the instructions on the spreadsheet for more information.  


Previous Release (V1)

The first version of the PowerScore spreadsheet was introduced during the FTC North 2014 Tournament.  It features all of the core calculations for PowerScore.  While we strongly suggest teams to use the latest release, you're very welcome to peruse and use this version if you'd like.


Upcoming Versions

V3 of the PowerScore spreadsheet is in the works.  We're currently testing it at tournaments and expect to make it publicly available soon.  New features include a breakout of autonomous, teleop, and endgame PowerScores, along with some pretty cool updates on the team summary sheet.  Stay tuned.